"The powers that control the television, radio and entertainment industry has control of the minds.​
The Federal Reserve and private banks has control of the money.
The least we could do is have control over ourselves."
- Marcus Weldon

Just a couple of years ago, I had my whole life ahead of me. I was earning respect in the community and being the responsible citizen I thought every young, African American man should be. However, much of this changed five days before Christmas in 2014.

After a long night working at a Christmas party, a friend of mine and I had an encounter with two men at a gas station that has changed my life completely. My attempt to protect her from harm almost destroyed my life. After being shot at by two men, I was forced to use deadly force of my own. Even though I was legally licensed to carry a gun, I was treated like a criminal and called 'The Santa Shooter'. The story made news locally, and even nationally in the New York Times  when I was first arrested. After almost two long years of being under public scrutiny, house arrest and on a tether, I was finally exonerated and found not guilty by a jury of my peers on seven felony counts, two of them being attempted murder. Had it not been for support, educating myself on my rights, and my faith, I would be serving 30 years in prison today.
My main goal is to educate the ubran communities on their 2nd amendment rights. The people need to know that you can and probably will be charged after a self defense shooting. My experience has shown me that we can not totally rely on law enforcement, to keep us safe. Our safety and awareness lies in our own hands. So if you choose to get armed, you should also choose to get more informed! 
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My reenactment of Malcolm X's life in a short film. Arguably the most controversial civil rights leader of American history and in my opinion the most misunderstood. Finishing up my short film this week. From a criminal, to a radical, to a leader of unity. Lets examine the different phases of his life! Stay tune! #2017 #2ndamendment #malcolmx


'My Santa Shooter' Interview and Gun Control Panel Discussion on FOX 2's Let It Rip 
Here is my first panel discussion and the sharing of my story after I was found not guilty of all seven felony counts.  Hosted by Huel Perkins and Legal Analyst Charlie Langdon of FOX 2 News Detroit..
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Listen to my podcast interview on Gun Freedom radio and learn how the Second Amendment right to bear arms saved my life. It also gives an interesting perspective on gun ownership: privilege versus necessity.

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